Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Sandbag Family

The Sandbag family lived on an island

in the Mediterranean Sea.
And among them were nine Sandbag Sisters,
all of whom dreamed of what else could be.

Hannah dreamed of her own great house
perched upon a greater hill.

Megan dreamed of a working ranch

with plenty of land to till.

Tracy dreamed of seeing the world,
capturing it in prose and rhyme,
while Krista dreamed of saving it
one little child at a time.

Carol dreamed of sailing away
to discover an unknown place.
Jenny longed for her own island,
so she’d never lack for space.

Nelly dreamed of flying a plane
and soaring above the clouds.
Alice dreamed of having the privacy
to yell all her dreams out loud.

And last but not least was Elizabeth Sue
who wanted nothing but this;
to paddle away on her own boat of dreams
in search of the perfect kiss.

The nine Sandbag Sisters cried and complained
for they never got to leave home.
The oldest was twenty, the youngest just ten,
but all wished equally to roam.

So one fall evening, their father came in,
his hands all blistered and worn,
and told them he’d built a boat for each one
so all their dreams could be born.

The Sandbag Sisters cheered with glee
and named each vessel that day.
They tied them up tight, that very same night,
So they couldn’t drift away.

Days crept by, and turned to years,
but still those boats were bound. 
What good is it to have a dream
that’s tied and anchored down?

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