Sunday, January 31, 2010


This one will probably only be interesting to those who know and love Heidi already :)

It seems that Heidi has adapted to German weather pretty well.  Born in Alabama, raised in Florida, and vacationing in and around Italy, our puppy has always known some serious sunshine.  When we first moved to Germany last January, we went from sun to snow in a matter of hours, and our little lady wasn’t sure what to make of it at first.  What was this cold, white stuff she was forced to stand in to do her business?  The disdain was clear across her face as she tried to walk without letting the foot-deep snow touch her belly, and the cold was certainly something for Little Miss Sunshine to get used to.

Today, a bit over a year later, she added snow to her ever-growing list of delicacies.  I'd say she's come around.  While Chris and I were trying out our new snowball makers, Heidi was fervently gobbling up the small chunks of snow by our feet.  She ate not only as if she hadn’t done so in days, but also as if these bits of snow were concealing something as sinfully delicious as cat feces, one of her favorites.  Mature as we are,  we decided to offer her a perfectly formed snowball to see what she might do with it, and watched as she went from ginger nibbles to monster bites, savagely devouring the snow.  Our dog is weird.

If snow isn’t odd to you, try the Duraflame fireplace log Heidi snacked on this last week while we were out.  Really?  Duraflame?  She’s still with us, thank goodness for that, but her increasingly billy-goatesque tendencies are making us more cautious about what we leave within her reach.  But come on- Duraflame?  

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